£50,000 donation

Here are some headline impacts which a donation of £50,000 to our partners would achieve:

  • An additional 1,600 microentrepreneurs accessing microloans in Niassa, northern Mozambique (a province the size of England which currently has just 6 bank branches)
  • 5,500 more people with savings accounts in northern Mozambique, enabling them to manage seasonal incomes and protect themselves against poor harvests, sickness etc
  • 19,250 lives insured in northern Mozambique
  • 9,000 community members receiving financial literacy and business training in northern Mozambique
  • 7 new Credit/Training Officers delivering training to 2,100 women over a 12-month period in Malawi, giving them the skills and confidence to expand and to improve their businesses, increasing their household income
  • 1,272 loans made to women in rural Tanzania to start or expand micro-businesses
  • 636 new savings accounts opened by women in rural Tanzania, many living so far from a bank that they have never had a safe place to save before
  • 3,600 women receiving ongoing business training and mentoring in rural Tanzania

In each programme, we will produce regular monitoring and evaluation reports based on the Grameen Foundation’s Progress out of Poverty Index and other tools – but even better, you can do your own evaluation on an Arcubus Experience trip. Come and see the impact for yourself!