A second grant from LCCICET

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

A second grant from LCCICET ( the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust) will fund business training for over 1,000 women in Tanzania next year.

This builds on the success of LCCICET’s first grant, which saw 1,086 new clients in Tanzania receiving pre-loan training followed by a series of further modules. All existing clients (current total number of clients: 3,139) also took several training modules courses; over the 12-month period (in fact predominantly in the period April-June, after the end of the rains), 1,864 clients were trained on entrepreneurship; 3,577 on marketing, 1,650 on maximising profit; 3,117 on business planning, 650 on book-keeping and 2,164 on new business ideas. Arcubus and Five Talents are very grateful for LCCICET’s support, and are especially excited that the partnership is continuing into a second year as this is the first time LCCICET has supported an overseas business training project.

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