Arcubus and partners in parliament

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

We’ve met all 4 of our microfinance partners at events over the past 36 hours! Along with representatives from Five Talents, Opportunity International and MWB, we attended the launch of the APPG Group on Microfinance’s report: ‘Helping or hurting: What role for microfinance in the fight against poverty?’ The summary is a good overview of microfinance’s achievements and problems over recent years; the challenge will be building on its findings and integrating them into future practice.

The following day, and following on from many of the themes discussed at the APPG, we heard our 4th partner, the Microloan Foundation, speak in a Microfinance Club UK panel discussion on the Pros and Cons of Commercialisation in microfinance. Since Arcubus exists to fight poverty and not to make a profit, we focus on social rather than financial returns. That is not to say there is no role for commercial microfinance; developing economies need more capital. However, commercial models are simply not designed to help people at the very bottom of the pyramid. This is where we see the role of Arcubus and our NGO partners. Arcubus is proud to be working at the pro-poor end of the microfinance spectrum to deliver the very real social returns of increasing household incomes, education, nutrition and health.

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