Arcubus: What We Do

Arcubus is a registered charity based at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, and a hub of expertise in the City of London for poverty-focused microfinance in Africa. We:

  • Connect City companies with micro-entrepreneurs living in poverty. We do this particularly by offering the Arcubus Experience  The Arcubus Experience gives you the chance to share your skills with entrepreneurs on a bespoke field trip to Africa and experience first-hand how microfinance can change lives.
  • Promote microfinance as an ethical financial tool which is good for the City (market building, reputation re-building) and good for African entrepreneurs, giving many access to business training, new skills and financial services and capital for the first time.
  • Channel resources – human and financial – from UK companies to micro-entrepreneurs in Africa.
  • Give Londoners new skills, understanding and perspective too

We aim to engage the City of London’s significant resources (human and financial, present and future) in order to raise funds for, and awareness of, microfinance in Africa.

The best way to raise awareness of microfinance is to give you the opportunity to see it for yourself! We offer bespoke trips to Africa where you can spend time with one of our microfinance partners and experience first hand the challenges and opportunities which microfinance offers. You’ll have the chance to meet and support women trying to feed their families on less than $1/day by selling tomatoes by the roadside or making dresses in their homes. You’ll be able to offer your skills to boost their enterprises – and you’ll learn huge amounts yourself too. Find out more here.

We raise funds to support microfinance by seeking investments and donations from companies, churches and individuals living and working in London. We distribute the money we raise to three carefully chosen microfinance organisations (The MicroLoan Foundation, Five Talents and Opportunity International) working in Africa. Click here to donate now, and click here to learn more about the projects your gifts will support.