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Rachel's Microfinance Experience in Kenya led her to do a Masters to understand it better: "I was so struck by the simplicity yet huge impact of the idea - lend a group of women £30 and suddenly they can feed their children without having to work as prostitutes. I knew I had to find out more"  [Read More... ]


Mama Bahati client, Shida, began by borrowing a £20 microloan to buy fabric for dress-making. She now makes up to 20 dresses a day, and is able to send all 6 of her children to school.  [Read More... ]

Zawadi Mpwepwa

This is Zawadi Mpwepwa, a client of the Mama Bahati Foundation in Tanzania, supported by Arcubus through Five Talents UK. Her entrepreneurial drive has enabled her to support not only her own 3 children but two others whom she has taken in.  [Read More... ]

A second grant from LCCICET

A second grant from LCCICET ( the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust) will fund business training for over 1,000 women in Tanzania next year.  [Read More... ]

We are delighted to announce that Arcubus has made its first grant, to the Mama Bahati Foundation via Five Talents UK. Our grant of £25,000 (including £10,000 from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commerical Education Trust) will fund up to 200 new business training courses and 200 new loans to women in the [...]  [Read More... ]

Visit to the Mama Bahati Foundation in Iringa

Rachel Lindley, the Co-ordinator of Arcubus, spent her summer holiday this year (self-funded) visiting the Mama Bahati Foundation, the microfinance partner in Iringa which Arcubus is supporting through Five Talents UK. Rachel says: ‘It was fascinating to see how microfinance really operates in the field. It doesn’t always follow the theory – but it certainly [...]  [Read More... ]