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A new debate on microfinance?

While microfinance was very popular when first trotted out, the scheme seems to have quietly sunk under the weight of the multitude of criticisms thrown at it. Denigrating microfinance has suddenly not simply become fashionable, but accepted in media and development circles. Yet are microfinance schemes still carrying on apace below the radar, unnoticed but [...]  [Read More... ]

Post-conflict microfinance

I had an interesting chat last week with a lady from Uganda who is trying to expand her microfinance programme into northern Uganda. It's an area devastated by 20 years of civil war. Most of the population suffered terrible trauma - children abducted to become child soldiers and forced to commit atrocities against their own villages, women and girls raped, people losing their homes, land and loved ones. Can microfinance work here?  [Read More... ]


Lenie has started a bicycle and fritter business thanks to her small loan  [Read More... ]


Rachel's Microfinance Experience in Kenya led her to do a Masters to understand it better: "I was so struck by the simplicity yet huge impact of the idea - lend a group of women £30 and suddenly they can feed their children without having to work as prostitutes. I knew I had to find out more"  [Read More... ]


Lucas owned a small plot of land in northern Mozambique - but he could not afford to buy any seeds or tools to start farming it.  [Read More... ]