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A new debate on microfinance?

While microfinance was very popular when first trotted out, the scheme seems to have quietly sunk under the weight of the multitude of criticisms thrown at it. Denigrating microfinance has suddenly not simply become fashionable, but accepted in media and development circles. Yet are microfinance schemes still carrying on apace below the radar, unnoticed but [...]  [Read More... ]

I recently visited the village of Nangarua in Beringo District, Kenya. The journey from Nakuru town to Nangarua took 4 hours, of which 2 hours was on tarmac roads and 2 hours very definitely wasn't. We were visiting with Anthony Mambo, recently appointed Microfinance Officer in Nakuru. His challenge is that he is one man with one old car and a district over 300 miles from side to side.   [Read More... ]

Launch of the Arcubus Experience

With the Arcubus Experience, you can spend from 5 days to 6 months volunteering in the field with one of Arcubus’ microfinance partners.  [Read More... ]

Arcubus embarks upon a new strategy

18 months of hard work has taught us many valuable lessons, and we are almost ready to reveal our exciting new direction...  [Read More... ]

Update from new Gurue bank branch

A very busy first 8 months of operation for this branch, built by our partner Opportunity International with the help of a grant from Arcubus.  [Read More... ]

Arcubus has just sent a cheque for £10,000, the accumulated donations of many generous individuals and churches in 2012, to the MicroLoan Foundation.  [Read More... ]

A second grant from LCCICET

A second grant from LCCICET ( the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust) will fund business training for over 1,000 women in Tanzania next year.  [Read More... ]

Third Allia Bond for Arcubus closes

We remain encouraged by the generosity of people willing to sacrifice a return on their savings in order to fund small businesses and training in Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya.  [Read More... ]

Part-funded by a grant of £35,000 from Arcubus, our partner Opportunity International has just opened a bank branch in Gurue, in the diocese of Niassa, northern Mozmabique. The new branch in Gurue provides smallholder farmers and the rural poor with access to micro-credit, savings, insurance and financial education. It is the only micro finance operation [...]  [Read More... ]

Arcubus awards £35,000 to expand microfinance services – loans, savings, insurance and business training – in the diocese of Niassa. There are only 6 bank branches in the whole of Niassa (an area the size of England) so the microfinance services which Arcubus is funding are delivered through Opportunity International’s mobile banks – literally banks [...]  [Read More... ]