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Update from new Gurue bank branch

A very busy first 8 months of operation for this branch, built by our partner Opportunity International with the help of a grant from Arcubus.  [Read More... ]


Lucas owned a small plot of land in northern Mozambique - but he could not afford to buy any seeds or tools to start farming it.  [Read More... ]

Part-funded by a grant of £35,000 from Arcubus, our partner Opportunity International has just opened a bank branch in Gurue, in the diocese of Niassa, northern Mozmabique. The new branch in Gurue provides smallholder farmers and the rural poor with access to micro-credit, savings, insurance and financial education. It is the only micro finance operation [...]  [Read More... ]

Arcubus awards £35,000 to expand microfinance services – loans, savings, insurance and business training – in the diocese of Niassa. There are only 6 bank branches in the whole of Niassa (an area the size of England) so the microfinance services which Arcubus is funding are delivered through Opportunity International’s mobile banks – literally banks [...]  [Read More... ]