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Donating through the Arcubus Experience

If you are considering participating in the Arcubus Experience, or you represent a company interested in the Experience on behalf of your employees, please contact us (tel 07732 014181 or e-mail We shall be glad to discuss a range of ideas for individual fund raising, as well as for company contributions via matched funding, etc.

Donate through your Mobile Phone!

You can donate up to £10 via your mobile phone instantly, simply by texting ARCU12 £10 to 70070.

If you prefer, you can donate £1, £2, £3 or £5 instead – just text ARCU12 followed by £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10 to 70070. You’ll be sent an acknowledgement straight away with a link to a website where you can add Gift Aid to your donation, increasing its value by 25% at no extra cost to you or us.

This mobile phone donation service is provided by JustTextGiving and is free for you and for us – there are no set up costs or transaction fees. JustTextGiving will simply add your donation onto your monthly phone bill (or subtract it from your credit if you Pay As You Go) and then transfer it to Arcubus. Find out more at