Arcubus – History

Arcubus is a charitable company established in 2009 by JustShare, a separate charity based at St Mary-le-Bow Church in the City of London. JustShare aims to raise awareness of international development needs and opportunities, and to encourage positive action in response. Arcubus was born as a practical means of keeping the developing world in the eye of the City. Uniquely, it offers an effective way for City workers and companies to take action to support some of the world’s poorest communities, whilst also building their own future markets. Arcubus is grateful for the generous sponsorship provided by the Corporation of London and Allen & Overy LLP.

Arcubus’ charitable objectives are: ‘(a) The relief of poverty through supporting Microfinance initiatives in Africa; and (b) The advancement of the education of the public on ethical issues in relation to the developing world and elsewhere.’

More specifically, we aim to become a hub of microfinance expertise in the City of London and to raise funds in the City of London to support microfinance projects in Africa. We also aim to raise awareness in the City of the potential of microfinance to drive social and economic development  in Africa. We channel resources (financial and human) from the City to some of the world’s poorest communities – but we see it as a two-way process in which the City takes as much as it gives. Typically, someone going on one of our Experience trips will return enriched by far more than he/she gave away.

Arcubus retains its links with its Anglican foundation and, although it has no religious orientation or objectives, it is working in partnership with the Diocese of London as well as the Corporation of London. It is particularly keen to work in Mozambique to support the Bishop of London’s London Challenge and the Diocesan Link, ALMA.