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Arcubus has partnered with the UK’s leading microfinance charities – Opportunity International, the MicroLoan Foundation and Five Talents – to make sure your gifts of time and money have maximum impact on the ground.

3_partner_screenshotsOur partners are all grass-roots microfinance specialists and between them have been operating for 49 years. They are not commercial microfinance institutions – for each, the mission is to fight poverty not to generate profits for share holders. This means they have avoided many of the traps and criticism of commercial microfinance (contact us if you want to know more about this).

Today, our partners together serve 2 million clients – so using the ratio that each client has 5 dependents, they are impacting 12 million people. That’s not including all the jobs created by the most successful entrepreneurs too. One client in Uganda now employs 70 people in his car-washing business!